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The handcrafted casual look is a must-have skill for any designer these days, but difficult to achieve in vector illustrations. This extensive and highly versatile collection of casual custom vector brushes for Affinity Designer® makes it easy.

Includes over 250 brushes in 10 core styles from the classic Fineliner to the loose RoughBrush.

Handliners is a valuable toolkit for all designers and illustrators both professional and hobbyist alike. Ideal for casual designs and cartoon illustrations of all kinds, from putting a friendly face on corporate marketing, to adding a fun look to children's illustration and trendy greetings cards.


Provided in .afbrushes format for use with the Vector Brush tool in Affinity Designer®. User Guide and Reference is included in PDF format.

Also available for CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

Highest Quality and Versatility

Like all our stuff we use real world reference, trace and tweak it by hand and then test the result in real world projects to make it as useful as possible. Why? Because we’ll be using the stuff too and we want to look brilliant just like you do.

Free Bonus Content

Custom Brushes for Handliners

Handliners now includes our Free Brush Pack of over 100 custom brushes in 20 different styles to let you explore creative new ideas for design, illustration, logos, frames and lettering.

The wide range of brushes include practical sets such as Outliners and Markers and more fun stuff such as Patterns, Zapper and Scribbler. Why not try them with our Letterstrokes package.

Our free custom brushes are provided in .AI, .afbrushes and .CMX formats for use in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

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Custom Brushes for Letterstrokes

Over 100 extra custom brushes for FREE.