A Simple Neon Effect

CorelDRAW® Tutorial

A guide to creating a simple neon effect in CorelDRAW. This tutorial shows how to use the Blend tool with outlines of different widths to create a vector Neon effect on any object or text.

The tutorial also show how to use the Blur effect to create the light spill from the neon and how to add a highlight sparkle.

Although this video uses the latest version of CorelDRAW the same techniques can be used in previous versions. In some earlier versions you may have to use PhotoPaint to create the Blur effect.

We have made the pizza logo available in CMX format for you to download so you can follow the tutorial using the same graphic as we have. Download the pizza logo in CMX format by clicking here.

Need Something More Sophisticated?

Our Neonliners add-on for CorelDRAW lets you add a range of exciting neon effects to your design toolkit. Neonliners provides an extensive and highly versatile collection of brushes for the CorelDraw® Artistic Media tool.

Includes over 350 brushes in 9 core styles from the Complex Bright to the stylish Monoliner, including simulated Infrared, UV and Filament styles.

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Custom Brushes for CorelDRAW
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