Centreline Fonts for Custom Brushes

Custom Brush Lettering in Letterstrokes

Design creative headlines with your custom brushes in Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw with these centre-line character sets.

This collection of single-line vector characters allows you to apply your custom brush styles to text characters. Provides creative new options for headline text and logos for all designers and illustrators.

Custom Brush Lettering in Letterstrokes

Single-Line Fonts for Design

We've all got loads of cool custom brushes in our illustration programs. But to use custom brushes for text you need single-line or centreline fonts. Sadly, none of the popular font formats support the open path glyphs required for these fonts.

So what you really need is the centerline of each character drawn as a single-line vector. But that means you have to draw it by hand for each character. This is time-consuming and less than exciting. So, in typical Donkeyworx fashion, we’ve done it for you!

Unlike single-line fonts designed for cutting and engraving which are often quite elaborate, these have been created for designers and illustrators. As standard bezier vector objects you can even fine-tune the individual nodes of each character for perfect results.

Character Styles

We've provided single-line vectors of the key alphanumeric characters and a few bonus items in six styles. A basic Sans and Serif style are provided for core work and then we've drawn four more creative sets...

Basic Sans

Sans Centreline Font

Simple Serif

Serif Centreline Font


Brush Centreline Font

Casual Script

Script Centreline Font

Toon Hand

Toon Centreline Font


Kids Centreline Font


Provided as Affinity Designer® .afassets and also in .CDR, .AI, .EMF and .EPS formats format for use with Adobe Illustrator® , CorelDraw® and more. A User Guide is also included in PDF format.

Highest Quality and Versatility

Like all our stuff we use real world reference, trace and tweak it by hand and then test the result in real world projects to make it as useful as possible. Why? Because we’ll be using the stuff too and we want to look brilliant just like you do.

Free Bonus Content

Custom Brushes for Letterstrokes

Letterstrokes now includes our Free Brush Pack of over 100 custom brushes in 20 different styles to let you explore the opportunities and explore new ideas immediately.

The wide range of brushes include practical sets such as Outliners and Markers and more fun stuff such as Patterns, Zapper and Scribbler.

Our free custom brushes are provided in .AI, .afbrushes and .CMX formats for use in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

Free Updates

We’ve worked hard to make this a great product. But none of us are perfect and as we work continue to work with our stuff, we may find ways to do things better or tweaks to make the designs even more awesome.

If that happens we’ll update the product as soon as practicable and let you know where you can download the improved version.
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Plus Free Bonus Content

Custom Brushes for Letterstrokes

Over 100 extra custom brushes in 20 styles for use in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

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