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DonkeyWorx specialises in designing graphic puzzles in static or interactive form, and cartoon illustrations for promotions, presentations or publishing. We also provide our trademark ideographix illustrations and design HTML5 puzzle games.

Donkeyworx is the current incarnation of the graphic puzzle design business I started in 1987. Which means we have lots of experience creating innovative material.

Donkeyworx designs focus on being a little different and adding value for both our client and the end user. We're also pretty good at tailoring design and development to commercial constraints - getting you great material on any budget, big or small.


The business began as Words & Pictures and, amongst other work, was retained by Keesing UK Ltd to develop graphical puzzles and cartoon illustrations for their complete range of magazines, including Puzzle Corner and Quiz Kids.

I then saw the opportunity for computer-based graphics early and used the very first version of Corel Draw to create what we believe to be the first collection of vector clipart ever released. It was subsequently licenced by Serif and those images can often still be seen today in newsletters and adverts. The focus of our work has always been on creating material which is real-world useful and not just pretty.

Somehow I got lured into multimedia development and started Digital Workshop which developed award-winning multimedia-authoring and web-development software and was the UK's distributor for Paint Shop Pro before it's sale to Corel. The focus of Digital Workshop was always to provide designers with the tools to create something different and innovative - namely, interactive and multimedia programs which could be designed graphically and this remains the core USP of the Digital Workshop programs.

Donkeyworx designed and developed many of the free resources provided with the software and now that service is available to you.

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For Creative Market enquiries please email - studio.cm@donkeyworx.com