Free Design Resources

Here are some of the design elements we use time and time again and which you might also find useful.

These are licenced as royalty-free resources for commercial or personal use. Use them freely in your own projects but please don't redistribute them in whole or part as standalone files - see our licence or the licence pdf provided in the zip for further details.
Provided as asset libraries for Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw as well as .EPS files.

Easter Egg Outlines - v1.00

thumbnail of easter egg shape outline

A collection of easter egg outlines for seasonal greetings cards and gifts. Includes flat, rounded and opened eggs.

Cogs Outlines - v2.01

thumbnail of cog shape

We use cogs a lot in our designs and we know we're not alone. Cog tools are provided in most illustration software but don't do everything we need. So here's our current set of over 500 outlines to save you the reinventing the wheel - badum-dum-tish.

Jigsaw - coming soon

thumbnail of jigsaw shape outline

Jigsaw pieces are valuable metaphor pieces as well as useful design elements in their own right. This pack includes single jigsaw pieces for stand-alone designs and a 24 piece jigsaw for the complete picture.

Splats, Blobs and Dribbles - coming soon

thumbnail of splat shape outline

There are lots of these available on other sites but most have been auto-traced (often badly) whereas ours are drawn by hand. This zip is just the start so check back from time to time for updates.

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