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Our 30 years experience designing puzzles means we know how to make them engaging and rewarding. All our puzzles are devised by human compilers to ensure they give the puzzler the sense of achievement that solving puzzles is all about but which computer-generated puzzles rarely provide.

Our puzzle design service offers something for all projects...

  • puzzles for adults or children
  • popular types like Sudoku and Spot the Difference
  • or innovative and original puzzle concepts
  • different styles including cartoon and photographic
  • static paper or web images
  • interactive HTML5 web content
  • quick and cost-effective

We specialise in graphical puzzles and alongside traditional puzzles like spot-the-difference and mazes, we create original and innovative puzzles to intrigue and entertain. Ideal for content marketing.

Traditional Puzzles with a Twist

When we do design traditional puzzles we'll often add a twist to add value and make them fresh and interesting. Like adding trivia to a wordsearch or combining several puzzles into a storyline.

Ideal for promotions and competitions online, via social media or on paper. Our puzzles also provide engaging web content to make your site stand out.

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