Illustration & Design

montage of donkeyworx studio illustrations

Our illustration and design service provide strong, engaging graphics for a wide range of requirements from content marketing and social-media posts to books and company communications.

Cartoons and Ideographix

In addition to cartoon illustration, we also specialise in ideographix - illustrations of abstract concepts or complex ideas which stock image libraries rarely cover adequately.

General Illustration

If you twist our arm we also provide commercial illustration and design for anything from corporate marketing and brands to greetings cards and t-shirts as well as design of icons, logos and software interface elements. Like most illustrators I can't stop doodling so when I've got too much time on my hands I'll create speculative stuff which gets released via our stock image portfolios or product shop.

Exclusivity and Commissions

New speculative illustrations will be previewed here first and you can buy exclusivity for first-use or outright - sign up to our newsletter for a regular sneak peek at new images. Selected images may subsequently be offered via our stock image portfolios.

You can also commission us for something entirely original.

Stock Customisation

Many of our illustrations, especially the cartoons and ideographics are designed to be customised if required. You might, for example, want a different incentive illustrated in the cartoon below or you may simply want a different size or colour, or to use one character from a scene. Ideographic of Sales Team turned to Zombies by Incentives

Just contact us with your requirements.

Resources for Designers

Like most designers we have a library of reusable elements and we'll be offering some of them here as free design resources for our fellow designers to use freely in their own projects.