What's the Bright Idea of Ideographix..?

montage of three ideographic illustrations

...make your point with just one image.

Ideographix illustrate ideas, data, concepts or messages in a unique style. From single-image infographics to stylized illustrations of concepts, processes and ideas, ideographix can match your social media posts, blogs or web articles with striking illustrations of even the most abstract subject.

Avoid that endless trawl through stock image libraries to find an image which almost says what you want - commission a Donkeyworx ideographic and get exactly what you need.

incentive rapture cartoon

After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, you want to make sure yours isn't talking nonsense.

About DonkeyWorx Ideographix™

Our Ideographix™ service provides attention-grabbing illustrations to match your subject matter precisely to deliver your message in the blink of an eye.

Illustrations of abstract concepts or ideas provided in a striking angular style with strong colour palettes intended to work well even at small sizes on websites or social media posts.

idea transferred to head showing retention by visual or text

Ideographix are provided as cartoon or stylized illustrations often with alternate versions provided free of charge. They can also be easily customised, re-coloured or provided in a different aspect ratio to suit your requirements for a small extra fee. Ideographix are particularly suited to internal and external communications, blogs and social media posts and also to illustrate complex articles on websites.

elearning lessons with lms database pictogram

Licence or customise an existing image from our growing portfolio or commission your own.