Content for Marketing

megaphone woman portrait with social media icons

We specialise in content to get your marketing noticed amid all the noise and to keep followers engaged.

Social Media Illustration

megaphone man shouting social media icons

Pump up your image - wipe out the noise.

Our eye-catching ideographix™ match your social media content more precisely for greater engagement.

Ideographix are illustrations of abstract concepts or ideas in a striking angular style with strong colour palettes intended to work well even at small sizes on websites or social media posts.


Promotional Web Games

examples of puzzle games

Interactive HTML5 puzzle games make flexible, engaging and cost-effective content for marketing with more control. Embed promotional material, links or voucher codes within the puzzle or on the "Win" panel to ensure the player doesn't miss your message. Use existing web analytics and capture information securely.

Unique material your visitors won't have seen elsewhere which can be updated regularly.

Cost-Effective and Flexible

Creating HTML5 puzzle games is significantly cheaper than apps and more flexible, so material can be changed regularly to keep customers interested or match changing promotions.