Cartoon Illustration

montage of cartoon illustrations

Cartoon illustrations add a smile to any content, or make a serious point with a lighter touch.

Cartoon of finger lighting candle

Explain difficult concepts or soften acres of text. Engage your audience with a bit of wit and a twist of the offbeat in...

  • advertising & marketing
  • social media posts
  • presentations & reports
  • articles
  • handbooks & brochures
  • book covers
  • greetings cards
  • children's books

Original images make your material fresh and stand out... and cost less than you might think. Available in colour or black and white, styled as vector, hand-drawn or as part of our Ideographix service.

Custom Versions

All our portfolio images can be customised for a small extra charge. You might want a specific incentive in the image below for example...

Cartoon of sales team turned to zombies by incentives Or include your company logo and competitors in the background of this one. Cartoon of weary salesman being overtaken by a keen team

Or you can commission us to draw something to order.

Cartoon Illustration Styles

Here are examples of cartoon illustrations in the several styles we can offer.


Crisp and clean computer format. Portfolio images are provided as high definition JPG images. Commissioned images are available in both JPG/PNG or fully-scalable EPS/AI/CDR formats.

Cartoon of computer user being lured by email with cartoon fish bones in.



Cartoon illustrations are also available via our Ideographix service which offers vector illustrations of abstract concepts. There's some cross-over here - that's what I'm trying to say.

Megaphone figures marketing on social media platform to mediocre response


Traditional Hand-Drawn

When you want something more mainstream and traditional these cartoon illustrations are hand-drawn in pen and ink and provided as a high-definition JPG image without the watermark. Available as black and white or hand-coloured in pencil for a distinctive look.

cartoon illustration of gardener using bemused robin as falcon for pest control